“Happiness is just a Choice  Away”

5 simple steps that show you how to identify
and replace mental blocks to experiencing more happiness
and reducing stress, worry and anxiety in your life.
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Unresolved stress is one of the biggest sources and causes of personal and interpersonal relationship conflict and needless drama at home, the workplace and in our society. It also has some of the highest often hidden costs. Many people are struggling with issues of anxiety, stress, worry, depression, conflict and suffering in their lives and relationships for the simple reason that for various reasons, they have not been taught or exposed to the skills to resolve these issues in a healthy, proactive, constructive way.

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“Happiness is just a Choice Away”

     As many of us are not taught , exposed to or modeled these core competency emotional problem solving life-skills, we have a tendency to react on autopilot  (Common Cognitive Distortions) in ways that are often not in our (or others) best interest to live an ideal, balanced, harmonious or productive life. . 

Some of the most common ways we automatically react to stress are:
– Denying, avoiding, attacking, defending or mechanically reacting.
– Having unrealistic and rigid expectations, demands, should’s or musts that ourselves,
others and the world act or be a certain way or we cannot be happy.
– Jumping to irrational conclusions and making unverified assumptions.
– Taking things personally
– Assuming the worst
– Fault finding and blaming – Trying to make others responsible for our unhappiness or happiness.
– Confirmation Bias –  is the tendency to search for, interpret, favor, and recall information in a way
that confirms one’s beliefs or hypotheses.
– Emotional Reasoning – Assuming that what we feel, is the truth for everyone (Thought are not always facts)
and many other cognitive distortions that we all have to a greater or lesser degree.

Benefits:  What’s in it for you? How can we help?

We teach proven, measurable, effective and practical skills to identify and challenge irrational, unhelpful or maladaptive thoughts known as Cognitive Distortions and replace them with more helpful, empowering, emotional problem solving and new coping skills for dealing with emotional stress, worry and anxiety using Mindfulness based CBT. These tools will give you an on demand toolkit for resolving stress related issues and helping to help prevent relapse.

You will learn to:
– Improve your Relationships – Feel more connected, safe and supported

– Improve your mental and physical Health
– Have more effective communication and relationship skills
– Better able to manage your stress, worry, anxiety or depression
– Learn to make better choices in your relationships, health and work.
– Improve your productivity
– Develop better awareness and focus.
– Become aware of self limiting beliefs and how to change them at will
– Learn to address the causes of stress and conflict instead of just dealing with symptoms
– Shift your point of view from reaction to pro-active with empowering problem solving skills.
– Build resilience to handle life’s inevitable up’s and downs
– Develop Unconditional Acceptance for yourself, others and the world.
– Increase your frustration tolerance
– Develop the confidence and skills to change what isn’t working or what is in the way.
– How to deal with resistance to change
– Challenge irrational beliefs, assumptions and replace them with more helpful beliefs, feelings and behaviours
– Prevent relapse into unhealthy patterns
– Stop taking things personally
– Skills for letting go of thoughts, feelings, behaviors and situations that are unhelpful.

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“Happiness is just a Choice Away”

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