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Positive People –  Contributors and Authors

Hal Tipper
– Author, Coach, Facilitator, Mentor, Trainer
– Mindfulness, MBCT, CBT, REBT
– Conflict Resolution in the Workplace
– Mediation
– Stages of Change,
– Spiritual Psychology
– E-Learning / Workshops / Virtual / Phone / Skype
– Site Developer and Admin
– E-Learning Producer
– Consultant / Producer / Trainer
– Train the Trainer Programs
– Corporate Virtual Training by the Seat
– Internet / Social Media / E-Learning
– Automated Marketing Solutions
– Secure Membership Sites
– Virtual Conference and Convention Sites
– Sell Anything Online
– Daily Talking Podcasts
– Auto-Responders
Dr. Lynne Namka
– Psychologist, Author
Visit Lynne’s Book Page @
– Psychology Articles
– Anger Management
– Healthy Relationships
– Denial, Shame
– Abandonment
– Codependency
– Bullying
– Narcissism
– Setting Healthy Boundaries
Vicki Aronoff
– Positive Post Contributor
Melody Reierson
– Positive Post and Blog
– Podcast Narration
– Visit Melody’s Facebook page @
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