Happiness is just a Choice away

The Foundation Series

Happiness is just a Choice Away

The first module in the Foundation Series is a 5 step program that explores the history of stress reduction and conflict resolution best practices, from the ancient world of Buddhism / Mindfulness Meditation and Stoicism to the proven, modern practices of CBT and R.E.B.T. This course has 5 modules that show you step by step how to use effective skills for positive change that teach you proven, self help, mental strategies and practices for emotional problem solving, coping, letting go, resilience and personal change skills to increase happiness and reduce the commons symptoms of stress.

– The purpose of this course and how it came to be developed.

– Why understanding these tools is important to improving our lives and relationships
– Describes the epidemic of stress in society and our lives and the need for correction
– The numerous benefits of positive change
– How this process works to change our beliefs, thoughts and behaviors
– Understanding How To Shift our Perception and Point of View
– (Cycle of Conflict  – Shifting Perception Flowchart – Graphics)

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Module 1 – The Assessment
– Where you are in your life, where you want to go and how to get there
– The Cost of Stress Calculator
– The Mindful Change Planner

Module 2 – Identifying the Blocks and Obstacles
– Understanding the social conditioning process and Auto-Pilot
– Explains where our irrational and unhelpful beliefs come from that cause the most
common symptoms of stress and how to recognize them when they arise.
– Understanding the difference between real and imagined, perceived threat.
– Cognitive Distortions – Irrational Thinking
– Recognizing the most common symptoms of thinking errors

Module 3 – Dealing with Resistance
– Explores the resistance we have to working with change strategies and how to overcome them.
– Denial, Shame, Fear, Ambivalence, Projection, Procrastination, Perfectionism

Module 4 – The Positive Change Toolkit
– The practice and process of challenging and replacing our assumptions
to improve our lives, increase happiness and reduce stress
– Mindfulness – Developing Focused Awareness and Attention
– Equanimity
– Learning to turn off the fight / flight response to perceived threat
– Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
– Learning to interrupt, challenge and replace our irrational assumptions
– The ABC’s of Positive Change – The ABC process of CBT
– The CBA Tool – Cost / Benefit Analysis
– Unconditional Self Acceptance
– Frustration Tolerence
– Connected Communication
– The Peace of Mind Scale (Graphic)

Module 5 – Ongoing support and practice
– Tools and strategies to maintain your practice

– Daily reminders and resources

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