Gratitude / Resources

Gratitude / Resources

I would love to express my profound gratitude to the millions of people that have supported this effort. I literally mean millions! From my immediate family and friends to all the teachers through the centuries that have distilled and shared their wisdom from countless other teachers before them. To all the modern authors, teachers and students that I have learned from and finally to the millions of followers, students and teachers in the online world that I am privileged to reach around the world every single day.

There is no doubt that I will miss many that have influenced and supported me and this work. The good news, is because this is all in the digital cloud, I can add as I remember.

Immediate family: Dot and Ken Tipper, Delaine, Lynn, Wayne, Melia, Amy.– for unfailing support, even though many times I’m sure they thought I was off the deep end.

Extended Family:
– This is going to be a big list and I will add as I remember. This includes people online that I have met that have influenced the creation of this course in some way.

A special thanks to Rebekka McAllum from Melbourne, Australia who was the first friend to step up to the plate and give this course a serious listen and run through a year ago and test the principles for herself. I was inspired at every connection with Rebekka as she showed up with complete honesty, vulnerability and total willingness to dive in and give constructive feedback with a great sense of humor. 🙂

Dr. Lynne Namka, FB friend, Psychologist, Author, Positive People Contributor. I had been FB friends with Lynne for quite some time and like many FB friends, we didn’t really connect until fairly recently. When I started to pay attention to Lynne’s work, I knew I had to contact her. When Lynne and I finally connected and shared what we were each doing, she generously donated her huge library of incredible psychology articles to the Positive People project. I learned more about the nuts and bolts of Psychology, Symptoms and Solutions, and how it relates to this course in 3 months than from dozens of books I had read on the subject. Visit Lynne’s psychology articles section on this site.

Friends, teachers and students:
Vicki Aronoff, Melody Reierson, Tom Vargas, Maria Felipe, Sabine Harth, Val Butler,  Amelia Louisa Plowman, Rosie White, Peter Sheppard, Monica Colmenares, Mary and Robert Stolting – Pathways of Light, Myron Jones, David Fishman, Regina Dawn Akers, Christine Laschuk, Arnbjörg Finnbogadottir, Nick Ralls, Brian Lee, Bruce Lee, Diane Bonneau, Brian Copping, Dr.s Kenn and Debbie Gordon, Lisbeth Mankopf, Janine Jansma and family, Lisa Wood, Soulla Theodoulou, Members of Grand Rapids ACIM Group, Maureen and Fred Yarbrough, Sally and Sandy Switzer, Barb and Larry McGuire, Colleen and Keston Barker, Ivy and Danny Patton, Jeff Koftinoff, Larry Takanaka, Trish Harris, Mike Plude, Beverly Hills, Emily and Peter Swetland and family, Kelly, Becky and Maureen Shields, The Dahl Family, Keith Barry, Braden Manns, Teresa Ala Mah, Jolly Joyous, Gwen Gaff, Bianca Peace, Linda Catrell, Caissa Schotborg,  Marsha West, Carol Wolfe, Bea Botha, Ian Kotowich, Penelope Ryder, Bev Janisch, Rossana Francis, Julie Blue, Tom Jandula, Gail Tassi, Jennifer Powers Sheldon, Dave Loucks, Janeta Jane, Jacquie Roecker, Jolene Hargis, Russell James, Dawn Grace, Magala Zambrano,  Carol Ann Mcgill, Cecilia Castoro, Sharom McGloin, Lara Wilson, Sandy Kalicharan, Ruth Ann, Many Jane Cantu, Vusi Shabangu, Fifi O’Conell, Molly Weleski, Cherie Hanson, Mike Thomas, Vi Winstrom, Suzanne Marshall, Surendra Jain, Margarita Rodriguez, Randy Rauck, Maria Pia Franz, Rosemary Ro DuPont, Saheed Olasunkanmi, Faith Welsh, Aracelly Torres-Champaign, Amelia Hill, Beth Manns, Doreen Mulder, Kevin Treguna, Gregory Mathis Chandran, Te’ Werner, Kirsten Korot, Laura Del Campo, Adele Streicher Pretorius, Susu Boustani, Reid Barton, more to come…

Of course a huge thank you for the million + followers on my Facebook Page for constant feedback on my posts about these subjects and helping to inspire to keep this project going. All hats off to the millions of developers, software engineers and Internet pioneers who created this amazing vehicle that allows me to reach out to every corner of the globe to touch so many people from wherever I happen to be.

Authors, Teachers
So many here as well. Will add as I remember and link to.

Mindfulness and CBT Teachers
Jon Kabat Zinn, Philip Moffitt, Ajahn Chah, Ajahn Sumedho, Shamash Alidina, Sharon Salzburg, Tara Brach, Teachings of Buddhism where Mindfulness arose, Stoic Teachers, Epictetus, Marcus Aurelius, Donald Robertson (CBT and Stoicism), Albert Ellis (REBT, CBT), Aaron Beck (CBT). Massachusetts Hospital – Department of Psychology (CBT)

Author List
Vernon Howard, Guy Finley, William James, Brian Tracey, Tony Robbins, John Bradshaw, Michael Mirdad,

Raymond Kurzweil, Eckhart Tolle, The Bible, Sri Aurobindo, Jidhhu Krishnamurti, Brene Brown, Jim Rohn,
David Hawkins, Harville Hendrix, Guy and Katie Hendricks, Gerald Jampolsky, Colin Tipping, Sondra Ray,
Emmett Fox, All New Thought Teachers, Ernest Holmes, James Prochaska, Marriane Williamson, more to come..

To be added. Check back here every now and then for new updates.

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