The Foundation Series
Happiness is just a Choice Away
– Introduction

This first book in the Foundation Series is the result of 20 years of exploration, study, research and practice into the history of stress reduction and conflict resolution best practices. From the ancient world of Buddhism – Mindfulness Meditation and Stoicism to the proven, modern practices of CBT,  R.E.B.T., Positive Psychology and several in between. This course has 5 modules that show you step by step how to use simple and practical skills for positive change to increase happiness and reduce the most commons symptoms of stress and anxiety. They will teach you proven, self help, mental health strategies, skills and practices for emotional problem solving, coping, letting go, resilience and positive personal change.

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The purpose of this course and how it came to be developed.

Thank you for showing up and participating in this online e-course.  The main reason for doing this was not only to find a simple “Best Practices” solution to the stresses and conflicts in my own life, but to try and find practical solutions to the epidemic of the various symptoms and outcomes of stress in society, that anyone could use and implement into their own lives. The principles and practices of this course literally saved my life! I guarantee, that if you have an open mind and a little bit of willingness to follow along and practice these principles for yourself, your life will change in ways you never dreamed possible. ~ Hal Tipper – Calgary Alberta, August 1, 2017.

The purpose of this course is to train and teach you to develop your focus and attention to become more aware in order to recognize, identify, challenge and replace the most common thinking errors that are some of the foundational causes of most mental stress, worry, anxiety and suffering.  This course basically employs a combination of 3 best practices. After studying and practicing numerous methodologies for 20 years, I have found that Mindfulness, CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) and REBT (Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy) to be the simplest and most effective practices to manage, reduce or eliminate the most common symptoms of stress and increase happiness, peace of mind, etc.. There are fly-out menus that explain each of these processes in more detail and how they all help to learn to shift our perception and point of view.

The Benefits – What is in it for you? – Why would you want to learn these skills?
The benefits and reasons for learning thse skills are plentiful. Click the link below to go to the complete benefits page and see if any of them resonate as something you might like to have in your own life.

Click this link to discover the many benefits that learning these core competency life-skills has to offer.

The success of this course rests on basic 3 core principles:

Principle #1
We essentially have Two Choices in how we perceive, react or respond to anything that happens.

The graphic below is the underlying foundation of this entire course, so it’s very important to understand. There are two basic thoughts systems that we use to navigate and try to make sense of anything that happens in our lives. One system creates peace, happiness, love and joy and the other causes, stress, anxiety, worry and suffering. I simply call them “Fear based thoughts” and “Peace based thoughts”. The whole purpose of this course it to become more aware of when we are in fear mode and consciously and consistently identify, challenge and replace those thoughts with Peace based thoughts. The following graphic illustrates these 2 choices and some variables.

Principle #2 – Social Conditioning – Auto-Pilot
We are all taught our primary core beliefs, values, biases, habits and defense mechanisms in our developmental stages growing up through the process of Social Conditioning. These beliefs, whether they are accurate or not, become the default filters and subconscious mental positions that we use to determine what anything means and consequently to make decisions about how to cope with our circumstances. These beliefs shape our perceived meaning of what is Right – Wrong, Good – Bad, Safe – Dangerous, etc.. and influence every thought, feeling and action we take. They are constantly running in the background of our subconscious and we are often unaware that they are the patterns that are running our lives. They become our Auto-Pilot reactions and are often not in our, or others best interests as we shall find out in Step 2 – Identifying the Blocks and Obstacles.

Principle #3 – We all have the capacity to re-train our minds to perceive and see things differently.
The nature of thought is completely subjective which is why no two people perceive the same thing the same way. Our beliefs alone are not empirical truths! If that were true, everyone would believe exactly the same things all the time. That is obviously not the case. Just as we were trained through Social Conditioning to believe certain things and assign meaning to anything that happens, we can also learn to re-train our minds and Neural Pathways in order to shift our perception and point of view about what anything means. The fact that our beliefs are subjective is what allows us to learn to perceive things differently and this is the power of choice we use to change our lives. There is an exercise I teach that proves that thought is subjective in Part 1.

Why understanding these tools is important to improving our lives and relationships.

I deliberately choose “stress” as the vehicle to reach more people around the world because everyone, regardless of race, culture, gender or faith, experiences stress in their lives in various forms. In essence, stress crosses all boundaries and is something we can all relate to. Stress is an epidemic in all society and causes billions of dollars in costs annually in health care, legal costs, conflict, anxiety, worry, addictions, etc, and the list goes on and on. We can either deal with the symptoms as we all do or deal with the causes. Until we understand what these causes are, and do something about them, we will constantly be dealing with the symptoms. In my research into these and several other practices, I found they all had 2 common denominators. The ability to shift our perception and point of view in how we think, feel and act and Non-Judgment.

These principles “literally” saved my life.

As I mentioned above, I was studying these principles for many years from an intellectual point of view but not really throwing my heart into them and practicing. Like living vicariously through the theory, trying to convince people that talking about it from a theoretical view point, meant that I was actually living them. It wasn’t until I found myself laying in a hospital bed in 2003, disabled, divorced and broke, at the lowest point in my life that I finally committed to practicing these truth principles. It took a few years, but my life completely turned around and I realized that, that time in my life was the biggest gift I have ever received because it forced me to completely shift my priorities and experience the incredible transforming power of these simple practices. I hope you experience this for yourself by studying and practicing these core competency life skills.

How understanding and practicing the Power of Choice can help alleviate these symptoms.

Understanding how to change our point of view through our power of choice is one of the most transformative things we can learn to do to effect our lives for increasing happiness and reducing stress. I will explain how this is possible through this course with various exercises and practices in this 5 step guide. NOTE: This is not just a nice idea I read about. It’s not just an entertaining read, it’s a DO! As my first truth teacher explained to me when asked why doesn’t everyone practice these skills? It’s simple to do but it’s even simpler not to do! If you practice these principles, I guarantee they will work. If you’re not willing to practice for whatever reason, I guarantee that they won’t work. Like anything else in life we want to get good at, implementing these skills into our lives and experiencing the results, requires consistent, committed practice.

Further Support Material
Please visit Dr. Lynne Namka’s incredible library of Psychology Articles on her site ( and on this site that she has generously donated to the Positive People Project. They cover the symptoms and solutions to many stress related issues from Anger Management and Healthy Boundaries to Shame, Denial, Co-depenency, Narcissism and Healthy Relationships. Powerful information.

Navigating through the course
This course was meant to be a 6 week program that you walk through one week at a time. This gives us some time to practice and implement these skills into our lives. Some sections you might breeze through and some section you might want to spend more time on. There are absolutely no right or wrong ways to take this course. Whatever works for you. The advantage of delivering this course online is that it is non-linear. You can jump to any section you want through the links as you explore various parts and resources to help you understand the process. You can also take your time to re-visit and review sections that you may want to understand better. Alternatively, you can sign up to the email version of this course in the signup form on the right of each page and you will be sent weekly emails that point you to each section, one section at a time as well as occasional inspirations to support you as you move through the process. The “Choice is Yours”. Enjoy, Hal

If you have any questions or feedback on this course, please contact me using the contact page.

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