Step 2 – Identifying the Blocks

The Foundation Series

Happiness is just a Choice Away – Step 2
– Identifying the Mental Blocks and Obstacles

This module coming week of August 14th, 2017

– Social Conditioning
– Understanding where our self image, beliefs and values come from.

– Auto-Pilot – Understanding how these beliefs turn into our default reactionary opinions and judgments
– Understanding the relationship between our beliefs, thoughts, feelings and actions.

– How do we get from here to there Graphic
– What is in the way
– External vs Internal

3 Core Beliefs

– Understanding the Conditioned Realm and Cognitive Biases
– Where do our beliefs, values, expectations and behaviors come from?

– Judgments – Meaning – If / Then Circuits (Diagram)
– Cycle of Conflict Diagram
– Defense Mechanism
– Attack Deny, avoid, withdraw

– Shame, Denial and Projection
– Repression
– Procrastination
– Ambivalence

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