Step 4 – The Toolkit

Step 4 – The Toolkit


  1. The Toolkit

    – Mindfulness Meditation
    – The 7 Attributes of Mindfulness
    – The 2 Minute Mindful “Pause”
    – Mindful Interrupts short circuit the fight-flight response

    – The ABC’s of Positive Change
    (CBT Process)
    – Challenging our Irrational Assumptions

    – USA – Unconditional Self Acceptance
    – Responsibility – Presence
    – Being Vs Doing
    – Learning the skills of “Letting Go”
    – “A.I.R.” Awareness – Interrupt – Replace

    – Busting our Stories
    (Is it True, Seeing things differently, Exploring New Possibilities)
    – Replacing Demands with Preferences
    – The Cost Benefit Analysis – CBA
    – Re-Parenting
    – Connecting Exercises – Fleet Maul
    – Transtheoretical Model – Changing for Good
    – Decisional Balance


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