The ABC’s of CBT

Module 1 – The ABC’s of Positive Change
– How to use and practice the ABC’s of CBT – Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

This course teaches you the basic skills of using the ABC process of CBT as developed by Albert Ellis and Aaron Beck, which are some of the most researched, proven, effective and safe processes for dealing with Mental Stress related symptoms. How to Identify, challenge and replace irrational thinking and Cognitive Distortions, using more helpful problem solving and coping skills, to deal with some of the most common symptoms of Stress: anxiety, worry, depression, etc… It essentially teaches us the skills of how to change our point of view at will thus changing our experience in a positive way. This course contains 6 modules explaining how to use and practice the ABC process.

1. – Overview
2. – A – Activating events or triggers
– Internal
– External
3. – B – Beliefs we have about what is happening  (the meanings we ascribe to events)
4. – C – Consequences – Feelings and Behaviors we have about events
5. – D – Disputation – Skills and tools for challenging our Beliefs and Assumptions
6. – E – Effective New Beliefs – Replacing irrational patterns (thoughts, feelings, behaviours)
with more helpful, Rational New Coping Statements and practices.

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