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The Cost of Stress Calculator

– To determine how much stress is costing us in subjective monetary terms.

– Time, energy and money
How much is stress, worry and anxiety costing you..?
In time, energy, productivity and money?
Use the Stress calculator below to find out.

For every minute you are angry…
(stressed, fearful, anxious, critical, judgmental, resentful, etc..)
you lose sixty seconds of happiness…! ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson.

By understanding how to manage, reduce or eliminate the often hidden costs of stress and conflict, you are literally making room for more potential Love, Joy, Happiness or productivity in your life..! You can’t manage what you can’t measure..! This process was originally designed as an ROI measurement and diagnostic tool for the corporate world to convert subjective hours of stress and / or conflict into time management, productivity and monetary terms . Like a balance sheet. It is also very effective to measure the cost of stress in any relationship interaction. Quick Instructions: Enter your own personal numbers in the Time per hour field, then enter the numbers in the three most common areas of stress, then hit enter or return. The subjective measurement by the week month and year will automatically be calculated.
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This tool was designed to give you a feel for how much stress is costing you in time, productivity and money. As you learn and practice the tools for reducing stress, the calculated “Cost of Stress” in monetary terms will be reduced and consequently, the time you previously experienced as stress can be displaced and focused on areas that are more fulfilling in your life.

In the example above, a person who is earning $30 per  hour with just 8 hours of stress per week is losing  $24,960 per year* in lost time, productivity, monetary and potential lost happiness terms. NOTE: The higher your perceived time value, the more stress and conflict will impact you.    

NOTE: These measurements are subjective and change for every individual. They are just meant to raise awareness of how the hidden costs of stress can be measured in terms of time, energy, productivity and money.
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